Done: Sarri will be new Juventus manager!

Done: Sarri will be new Juventus manager!

Done: Sarri will be new Juventus manager!


Done! Juventus and Sarri have found an agreement: Maurizio Sarri is the new Juventus manager! The deal was reached in the past days, and it should bond the bianconeri and Sarri for the next three years, at net wages worth €7 million, although it’s not clear whether the agreement is broken down as €6 million + €1million in add-ons.

This is a confirmation of the world exclusive that SNAI Sportnews gave ahead of everybody else on Friday 17 of May at 5pm CEST. A few hours later after the SNAI’s exclsuive, all media outlets were including Sarri’s name among the candidates and as the top favorite to be at Juve’s helm next season, when a few hours before he was not even among the first options according to all the press and TV.
The contract will be officially signed as soon as Sarri is released from his contract with Chelsea, but talks of a pre-contract agreement are possible in the meantime, something like an option for the future. Obviously, as a matter of respect towards Chelsea, no announcement would come before next Thursday, the day after the Europa League final.

LONDON ROUNDTRIP – So all the trips made to London in the last days by Juventus director Paratici, and the meetings with English agent Frank Trimboli, were done with the purpose of finalizing the deal, and to solve Sarri’s exit strategy from Chelsea: not because at Cobham they are very keen to keep him – actually isthe opposite – but because the Italian manager will try to find a solution with Abramovich (good luck with Marina, she won’t be impressed at all, as she never was with Sarri). If no exit agreement is reached, the only option for Sarri will be to resign and lose all the money.

GUARDIOLA AS CLAUDIA SCHIFFER – What about the Guardiola psychosis that seemed to overtake Juventus world in last days? There was never a real option.
Something like asking Claudia Schiffer out to dinner on a date, and receiving an immediate “No, thanks”.
We can disclose that Juve did try again, for the third time, to tempt Guardiola. The first attempt was on March in between the knock-out stage matches versus Atletico. Then on April, right after City were eliminated.
Finally, Juve’s last effort took place in the last few weeks. And it lasted a minute or so, just the time for Pep to say, again, “No, thanks”.
In conclusion. There was an attempt, but there was no negotiation. At least for this season, Guardiola won’t become Juventus manager – but the seed is planted for the future.

WINNER TAKES ALL – Considering this breaking news, SNAI decided to close any bet on the next Juventus manager. Mind: this is a different news from the one you might have heard in the last few days, when bookmakers decided to stop taking any bet on Guardiola as next manager.
This time around, SNAI suspended any possible betting on any name as the next Juventus manager.

Instead, Juventus decided to place their bet, and it looks like a safe one: again, Maurizio Sarri will be the next Juventus manager.


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